Babylon Health data breach shows Govt must publish deals with private firms on NHS data

Liberal Democrat leadership candidate has called for greater transparency on deals with private firms that handle NHS data, after the GP app Babylon Health admitted it suffered a data breach involving confidential patient information.

BBC News reported today that a data breach suffered by the firm enabled users to access video recordings of other patients' private appointments. It comes after contracts were published last week showing the UK government has granted US tech companies access to the personal data of millions of NHS patients.

Layla Moran is demanding that the government publish arrangements with these companies in full and sets out what is being done to keep sensitive data over people's health safe.

Liberal Democrat MP Layla Moran said:

"Data about people's health is deeply personal and sensitive which is why breaches of this kind are so concerning.

"This shows why strict checks and full transparency are needed when sensitive NHS data is handed over to private companies.

"The government must publish in full its arrangements with firms that are being given access to NHS data, carry out full data protection assessments before any contracts are signed and confirm what safeguards are in place to prevent any breaches or misuse.

"Personal data about people's health is not a commodity to be harvested and traded, it has to be kept safe."

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