Thank you for your support for our campaign to elect Layla Moran MP as leader of the Liberal Democrats.

Donations are made to Layla Moran MP who is a regulated individual holding elected office under the Political Parties Elections and Referendums Act 2000. Your donation is not being made to a UK political party.

People on the UK electoral register may donate any amount up to £13,800 (cap imposed by Liberal Democrat rules for this leadership election).

People not on the UK electoral register may give up to £500 but must not make multiple donations exceeding that amount in total.

Please donate your own money. If you are donating money on behalf of someone else we need to know who they are as the true source of the funds. Please provide their name an address in the notes field below.

If you are a company, trade union, friendly society or other permissible donor within the meaning of UK electoral law we thank you for your support but please do not donate here but contact us on to ensure all necessary legal and compliance steps are taken.

Permissibly checks will be carried out and your name and address is essential to this. All data is kept and safeguarded in accordance with out privacy policy

Donation details may be published by the Electoral Commission in accordance with UK electoral law.