Hustings: Support Layla!

Hustings: Support Layla!


Hustings are a great way to hear more about Layla's plans for the party as Leader of the Liberal Democrats. You can also get involved by asking questions. Each hustings is either themed on the issues that are important to the local area or party organisation hosting the event. There are also themed hustings.

RSVP to an event to take part, and support Layla's campaign to lead the party.

21st August, 1830 Party Strategy Hustings
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Hustings: Completed

11th July 2020, 11am

Social Liberal Forum Q&A

Find out more about the Social Liberal Forum

11th July 2020, 3.25pm

Scottish Conference Q&A

Find out more about Scottish Lib Dems Conference

11th July 2020, 6pm

South Central Regional Hustings

Find out more about South Central Lib Dems

15th July 2020, 7pm

Economy & Jobs Hustings

National Hustings

16th July 2020, 11am
Times Radio Head to Head Debate

National Hustings

16th July 2020, 7pm
Job Interview

An expert panel will 'interview' Layla.

18th July 2020, 7pm

Devon & Cornwall Hustings

19th July 2020, 7pm

East of England Regional Hustings

Find out more about East of England Lib Dems

20th July 2020, 6pm

Northern Liberal Network Interviews

Find out more about the Northern Liberal Network

22nd July 2020, 7.30pm

Britain's place in Europe and the World

National Hustings

23rd July 2020, 7.30pm

Liberal Democrat Women Q&A

Find out more about Lib Dem Women

25th July 2020, 1pm

London Regional Hustings

Find out more about London Lib Dems

25th July 2020, 7pm

Welsh State Hustings

Find out more about Welsh Lib Dems

26th July 2020, 2pm

Scottish State Hustings

Find out more about the Scottish Lib Dems

26th July 2020, 7pm

North East Regional Hustings

Find out more about North East Lib Dems

27th July 2020, 7pm

East Midlands Regional Hustings

Find out more about East Midlands Lib Dems

28th July 2020, 7.30pm

Green Agenda

National Hustings

2nd August 2020, 12pm

LBC Radio Hustings
National Hustings

1st August 2020, 11am

Norfolk County Hustings

Find out more about Norfolk Lib Dems

1st August 2020, 7pm

West Midlands Hustings

Find out more about West Midlands Lib Dems

2nd August 2020, 7pm

Western Counties Hustings

Find out more about Western Counties Lib Dems#

3rd August 2020, 7pm

Education, Skills and Culture Hustings

National Hustings

4th August 2020, 7pm


Find out more about ALDC & the LGA

5th August 2020, 7.30pm
Race Equality Hustings (Hosted by LDCRE)
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6th August 2020, 7pm

Association of Liberal Democrat Engineers and Scientists Q&A
Party Body Q&A RSVP

8th August, 1100 South East Hustings
Regional Hustings RSVP

9th August 2020, 7pm
Young Liberals Hustings RSVP

15th August 2020, 12.30pm
North West Regional Hustings RSVP

16th August, 1400 Lib Dems Abroad
Regional Hustings RSVP

16th August, 1930 Diversity & Equality Hustings
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18th August, 1930 LDDA Q&A
Party Body Q&A RSVP

19th August, 1500 Health & Social Care Hustings
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20th August, 1930 LDEA & NEU Hustings
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