Op Ed: Let’s put our values into action

Originally on Lib Dem Voice.

Coronavirus, covid-19 will indiscriminately impact the most vulnerable people in our communities, leaving them isolated. Today I am asking all of us, as Liberal Democrats, to put our values into action.

We can use our local knowledge and networks to help those who need it the most.

We can make a difference that might mean saving lives.

Many of you will know elderly people who will struggle to keep food in their fridge or suffer from loneliness if they, or we, are forced into isolation.

From today, my local party are reaching out to some of the local groups who are offering community outreach support to see how we can support them with things like offering to print some leaflets for them. There maybe things that we could do to, but reaching out can only be a good thing.

Many people are uncertain what to do, and my advice is simple – one, don’t panic, and two, assuming that you and your team are healthy, to think how you can be most helpful to people in your community.

It is really important that we don’t forget others and act selfishly. Not everyone is able to nip down the road and buy a multipack of toilet roll, and not everyone can afford to buy enough food to last for an indefinite period.

Liberal Democrats in the community can provide great support in what is a scary time for our society.  Of course, if you yourself feel unwell or are vulnerable, please do not put yourself at any further risk. But for those who are healthy, and do feel able to offer their time, please do consider helping others less fortunate.

I know that none of you would think it a stretch too far to drop off a pint of milk or loaf of bread or pick up a prescription to your neighbours. Because that is the kind of people we are as Liberal Democrats.

Together, we can help each other through this. Together, we do incredible things. And we all share the values of community and equality, motivated by a desire for all people to live with dignity and access to opportunity.

We can make a real difference here. Let’s do it.

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