Layla Moran: Plan for our Party, Vision for our Country


Plan for our Party, Vision for our Country sets out why Layla Moran is standing to be Leader of the Liberal Democrats. It outlines why we must change our party, before we can change our country. 


Plan for our Party.

To change our country we must change our party. Over the last
decade, we have lost the trust of voters and we must regain it. We
need an urgent plan to strengthen our Party at every level and win
again from the bottom-up, replicating the lessons from successful local
campaigning nationally. We need to move forward together, and
implement the General Election Review recommendations. As leader, I
will set this direction.

Vision for our Country.

Our country desperately needs a strong, progressive voice to challenge
the Conservatives, to cut through in the media and to stand out from the
crowd. I have listened to members and voters, and with them I have
started to build a bold, liberal vision for moving our country forward.

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