Press Release: Government not being transparent enough on COVID-19

Liberal Democrat MP Layla Moran has called on the Government to publish their detailed analysis of the COVID-19 modelling. 

UPDATE: Successful, modelling analysis here.

“With Ireland putting itself in lockdown, people are worrying about why the UK looks increasingly out of step. We are rightly being led by science, but it would also be helpful for the Government to be fully transparent and crystal clear about how it is processing their advice and making decisions.

“People are concerned about the Government’s response following Ireland’s decision, and this has lead to increased panic buying and people making decisions like locking their doors and not going to work. People need reassurance and the Government must provide it.

“Lessons from SARS showed that transparency is important in reducing the economic and emotional impact of major disease events. As the crisis deepens the Government can and must be even more transparent and release the analysis of the models they are using the make decisions. They have done this before on other issues, and they can do it for COVID-19."

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