Press Release: Jamie Stone MP says: "Vote Layla!"

Jamie Stone, MP for Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross has declared his support for Layla Moran MP in the upcoming Liberal Democrat leadership contest. 

Jamie Stone joins over 700 others who have signed up to volunteer for Layla’s campaign in support of her leadership bid.

Layla Moran is the bookies favourite to become Lib Dem leader, with a clean sweep of shortening odds. 

Lib Dem MP Jamie Stone said:

“If the general election taught us one thing, it’s that we as a party have to change. 

“I’ve known Layla Moran since we were first elected to the House of Commons three years ago, we’re friends, she’s a hard worker, she’s got a sense of humour, she can reach out to the young and all sectors of society in a way that is most unusual for any politician.

“In the days of Boris Johnson and Keir Starmer we’re going to have to look different and we’re going to have to do things differently. I believe that Layla is just what we need to lead the party to the success that we shall surely have, and look at it this way, in these days, do we not need liberalism more than ever before?

“I believe Layla can do the job and she has my full support.”

Lib Dem leadership candidate, Layla Moran MP, added,

“I am delighted to have the support of Jamie Stone MP for the upcoming Lib Dem Leadership contest. He's an incredible campaigner, and one I deeply value the nomination of.

“I am standing to be Leader to seize the moment to move forward as a fairer, greener, more compassionate country, where everyone has an equal opportunity to thrive. 

“After the last decade, the Liberal Democrats must change, too. If we move forward together, as a stronger party, we can rebuild our campaigning strength and start delivering on our vision for our communities again.” 

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