Press Release: Layla Moran MP announces Lib Dem leadership bid 

Layla Moran today announced her intention to stand for Leader of the Liberal Democrats, during an interview with Sky’s Sophy Ridge. The announcement follows recent visits across the country, listening to both members and voters. 

The Liberal Democrat MP for Oxford West and Abingdon declared her ambition to rebuild support for the Liberal Democrats, winning seats at every level. 

She intends to “move the Party on from the last decade,” and to put forward a vision “to change the future of the country.” 

Investing in education, tackling the climate crisis, and cooperation with those who share our values both at home and with international partners sits at the heart of her vision.  

Layla Moran taught Maths and Physics, before entering Westminster in 2017. In Oxford West and Abingdon, she overturned a Conservative majority of 9,582 to narrowly gain the seat in 2017, and increased her majority to almost 9,000 in the 2019 election. 

Lib Dem Leadership Candidate, Layla Moran MP said:

“The message I’m hearing on the doorsteps is that the Liberal Democrats need to move on from the last decade, and put forward a positive vision for the future. This is what I intend to do as the leader of the party, and I’ll continue to listen to the ideas and opinions of both members and voters over the coming months.

“I’m finding that we have strong support and credibility at a local level, but we need to set out a clear and positive vision in order to win back support nationally.

 “It is clear that we face a battle for the heart and soul of our country. Instead of accepting the path the Conservatives are taking us on, imagine a United Kingdom that is more equal and compassionate, where politicians at all levels cooperate with each other on issues like tackling the climate crisis and electoral reform.

“I want to lead and empower the Liberal Democrats to fight for this future and to grow our support, so that we can make people’s lives better. I want the party to be in a position to win power within a generation, so that we can bring about the change our country so desperately needs.”

Nominations will officially open on 11 May, with voting closing on 15 July. In the lead up to the contest, Layla Moran MP will continue her tour of the country, to listen to supporters and voters and inform her vision for the country and party. 

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